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    Ultra FINN™ with Sleeve



    • Test up to 254 LEDs with a single USB cable or RS232 cable
    • ICT and Functional Test Stations - Plug and Play USB or RS232
    • The Mega FINN Module combines all of the accuracy and speed found in  the Mega FINN with an easy to use, compact module for testing larger quantities of LEDs.
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    Benefits of the MEGA FINN™ Module

    • Universal:  ICT or Functional
    • No software set-up: Plug and play , USB and RS232  - USB cord provided
    • Daisy Chain: Both ICT and Functional up to 254 LEDs
    • Multiple Outputs: Voltage and Frequency
    • No cutting fibers/polishing: 18” or 24” fibers with custom heads assembled in one piece. Fibers come with the module.
    • ICT wiring: 4 wires –power, ground, transmit, and 1 output for all 16 channels
    • Power: Over-voltage Protection and input range 5-16 Volts @ ~100mA
    • MEGA FINN technology
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    Principle of Operation

    The Mega FINN™ Module utilizes the technology  and advanced LED color and intensity measurement capabilities of the Mega FINN™ sensor packaged in an enclosed housing to allow simultaneous testing of multiple  LEDs, without having to power up each component individually. This cost- effective method of our light intensity detector determines the presence, color and/or brightness of LEDs, which enables users to test large quantities while minimizing fixture considerations and lowering per unit costs.

    Method of Operation

    The module houses a custom assembly, including multicolor sensors and a microprocessor. Separate optical cables that are comprised of a press fit plug connect to numbered ports on the module and a metal shrouded tip
    on the opposite end which is placed in front or on top of the LED to be tested. When a command for a specific numbered cable is sent to the module, the module will measure the color and/or intensity of the requested cable and send back the measurement via the chosen interface.
    Readings may be provided in either frequency (Hz) or in voltage (V) for the LED color and in voltage (V) readings for the LED intensity.


    • High accuracy of +/- 0.3% and average resolution of 0.1nm across the visible spectrum.
    • Fast response time – typically less than 3 milliseconds for average to bright LEDs.
    • Eliminates the need for additional measuring hardware for Frequency or Voltage readings
    • Quick and easy installation with the flexibility of either a USB or Serial connection with built-in over-voltage protection.
    • Fiber Optics are 1.28 mm in diameter, allowing for testing of very closely spaced LEDs
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    • Compact module is easily mounted in an ICT fixture or Functional test station.


    • When test requirements call for the absolute fastest test time possible.
    • When quality control demands reliable, unerring accuracy and when clear cut measurements are vital.
    • For pulsing, bright to very dim LEDs – visible light from Ultraviolet to near infrared.
    • Functional and In-circuit test environments, on any test platform.
    • For use in testing multiple LEDs and excellent for large quantities of LEDS.
    • Ideal for Functional test set ups and MDA stations where frequency and/or voltage measurements are not possible

    Product Dimensions

    Power Source

    • 5-16 volts DC. Current is typically ~100mA for 16 channels module.

    Set up

    • USB – plug in cable and align fiber optic in front of LEDs. Module utilizes the 5 volts provided by the USB itself, no external power supply is needed. The USB virtual COM port driver causes the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC.
    • Serial – power, ground, transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) wires are wire-wrapped to PC or test fixture connection and fiber optics aligned in front of LEDs. 5v to 16v power supply is required.
    • Optics - the Mega FINN Module has two fiber optic options available – an 18" cable assembly and a 24" cable assembly. The press fit plug end of the cable assembly fits. into the number labeled socket in the top of the module body. The metal shrouded end of the cable assembly is placed in front of or over the LED being tested. It may be held in place by a drilled 50 mil hole in the top plate or a drilled block of a fixture so that the opening is centered over the face of LED. Each module includes fiber optic cables  with custom heads.

    Ordering Information - Includes fiber optics

    Part Number
    4 LED Mega FINN™ Module (Tests up to 4 LEDs)
    8 LED Mega FINN™ Module (Tests up to 8 LEDs)
    12 LED Mega FINN™ Module (Tests up to 12 LEDs)
    16 LED Mega FINN™ Module (Tests up to 16 LEDs)
    18" Straight Fiber optic cable assembly
    24" Straight Fiber optic cable assembly
    18" 90 Degrees Fiber optic cable assembly

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