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    Ultra FINN™ with Sleeve



    The FINN® is a compact and durable LED sensor that is able to fit in just about any test setup. There are two different configurations to accommodate your set up needs - right angle and vertical styles. The FINN® is color specific, including infrared, so pick your style and match to the color of the LED you want to test.The FINN® color sensor does not require power and is simple to use. When placed in front of an illuminated LED of the corresponding color, the FINN® sends a signal through the probe to your test equipment, indicating color and brightness. Your LED tester using the FINN® is simple to maintain because you control the limits of this Go/No-Go test.

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    Benefits of the FINN™

    • Provides color-specific LED testing for red, green, blue, clear, UV or IR LEDs
    • Is a low-cost tool with big QC rewards.
    • Is consistent and accurate to three decimal points
    • Provides quick, reliable measurements
    • Offers simplicity of use-no calibration, no additional hardware and no fiber-optic connections required
    • Is simple to mount and easy to implement
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    Principle of Operation

    The FINN® is a combination of a photosensitive semiconductor and an optical filter. The filter is designed to pass light from the target wavelength (color) and block the light of wavelengths outside that target color. The sensor produces current when excited by the target wavelength of light and creates a voltage across the bias resistor which is then measured by the target test system.


    • Output range is 0.0-0.6 volts depending on color and brightness
    • No power is necessary
    • Small sensor may be easily mounted in fixture near the LEDs
    • Readings are taken at a distance of 0.1-0.15 inches from the lens of the LED
    • Two wires for the first sensor and one wire for each additional sensor, using a common return
    • No need for optical cables and no potentiometers to adjust
    • Special infrared FINN® available to detect infrared LEDs or light sources
    • Fully automated; no operator action required


    • The FINN® is adaptable to any test platform and is great for both functional and In-Circuit Test fixtures.
    • Use the Right Angle Configuration for SMT LEDs which lay flat on the pcb.
    • Use the Vertical Configuration for LEDs placed on the edge of the board.


    • Clearance for sensor dimensions-0.25" x 0.40" X 0.15"
    • Sockets-Sensor may be mounted using two industry standard 100 mil (2, 54 mm) sockets

    Selecting the Right FINN®

    The FINN® is color-specific. Example: Order a red FINN® (TC3001) for a red LED.

    Ordering Information

    Part Number
    Green (Right Angle)
    Green (Vertical)
    Red (Right Angle)
    Red (Vertical)
    Blue (Right Angle)
    Blue (Vertical)
    Clear/Ultra Violet (Right Angle)
    Clear/Ultra Violet (Vertical)
    Infrared (Right Angle)
    Infrared (Vertical)

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    • TC2901RP
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    • TC3001RP
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    • TC2801RP
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    • TC8704RP
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    • TC8708RP
    • TC8708VP
    May be covered by one or more of U.S. Patents 10,094,877; 10,302,496; 6,490,037; 7,023,554; 7,227,639; and 7,265,822. Additional patents pending.

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