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    Ultra FINN™ with Sleeve


    Smart FINN

    With the expanding use of LEDs in electronics, a quick and effective solution to testing LEDs has become more and more vital. Today, the intelligent choice of a light intensity and color detector is the SmartFINN™.

    The Smart FINN™ is the simplest method for measuring the color of an LED on the market. Smart FINN™ delivers full color and brightness readings with speed and ease. The Smart FINN™ is placed in front of the LED under test with no critical spacing or fiber-optic cables to install or maintain. The output frequency is directly related to the wavelength of the LED. Color measurements from the color sensor are provided as frequency readings measured in kHz.

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    Benefits of the Smart FINN™

    • May be used with any assembly that has LEDs
    • Is suitable for any test environment including ICT or functional-and on any test platform
    • Will accommodate the full spectrum of visible LEDs
    • Is an excellent solution whether you are testing one color LED or multi-colored LEDs
    • Has been widely effective in a variety of industries including automotive, networking, communications, medical, and defense
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    Principle of Operation

    The Smart FINN ™ boasts an all-color sensor­, four sensors combined into one. Each sensor is designed to detect a certain range of color-blue, red, green or clear. By comparing readings, the wavelength of the light hitting the sensor can be accurately measured. The key to the design is simplicity. Other than a power and ground connection, the only connection to the sensor is the output. This output indicates both the color and the strength of the LED under test.

    Method of Operation

    The output frequency in kHz is directly related to the wavelength (color) of the light. Taking a DC measurement of the signal provides a measurement of the light intensity. The signal is pulse-width modulated to indicate the intensity of the light. The brighter the light, the longer the pulse width. The frequency does not change with the LED brightness.


    • Full color detection from ultraviolet to infrared
    • Wide operating voltage (3.0 Vdc-5.5 Vdc)
    • Low current; can be powered directly from a digital output
    • Color identification determined by a frequency output
    • Brightness reading supplied by a voltage output
    • Totally automated; no operator action required
    • Recommended distance from LED to sensor is .1 inch-.25 or more
    • Easy to mount and connect
    • USB DAQ Tool available


    • Any test environment where a specific LED color verification is required
    • Quality control for most in-line manufacturing environments


    .486" x .485" x .176" (not including spring probes)

    Power Source

    3.0 volts to 5.5 volts. Current is typically 8mA @ 5V.

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    Right Angle Smart FINN™
    Vertical Smart FINN™
    3-Pin Header Connector Style

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