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    Ultra FINN™ with Sleeve


    Ultra FINN

    The Ultra FINN has been replaced/upgraded with the Mega FINN – see migration document below.       

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    The Ultra FINN™ is designed to make testing LEDs as simple and reliable as possible. Improved accuracy provides measurements for a wider color range, greater discrimination between hues and increased precision. The Ultra FINN’s small size and streamlined shape allows for testing very closely spaced LEDs and its faster speed decreases test times significantly.

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    Benefits of the Ultra FINN™

    • Detects 2000 different hues between Blue (380 nm) and Red (700 nm)
    • Increased repeatability and reliability
    • Tests most LEDs in less than 10 milliseconds
    • Mini package is more than 8 times smaller than the Smart FINN®
    • Eliminates the need for light pipes in almost all applications
    • Durable package and sleeve protects parts from potential damage during handling

    Principle of Operation

    The Ultra FINN™ combines a custom packaged, four-band color sensor with a microprocessor to optimize all the functions necessary to precisely distinguish the color and intensity of a light source or LED. The Ultra FINN™ accurately takes measurements from the sensor, calculates the color and strength of the light being tested, and converts it to an easy to read signal for comparing LEDs and other light sources

    Method of Operation

    The small, slim packaging of the Ultra FINN™ allows for easy installation directly in front or on top of the LED on a printed circuit board. During test, the light source (LED) is activated and the Ultra FINN™ outputs a frequency in kHz that quantifies the LED's color. The same signal quantifies the brightness of the LED with its pulse-width (average DC voltage). Now, engineers can use anything from simple stand-alone meters to fully integrated equipment in their automated test to implement a quality controlled, extremely reliable method for the test and measurement of light sources, a.k.a. LEDs.


    • Covers complete visible spectrum, plus Ultraviolet and Infrared
    • Operating voltage of 5.0Vdc
    • Color identification determined by the frequency output and intensity indicated by the DC average of the same output (patented feature)
    • Works with most types of LEDs on the market today - bright or dim, diffused or non-diffused, and smd or through-hole
    • Can identify different types of multichromatic light (such as white, magenta, and purple)
    • Fully automated testing
    • Custom sleeve allows for easy installation - just drill, press fit, and wire wrap


    • Automates testing of LEDs for placement, color and brightness
    • Used for Functional and In-circuit testing, on any test platform
    • Quality control for characterizing and standardizing LED use

    Product Dimensions


    • Three pins are: Output (signal). Ground, and Power
    • Pins are spaced 70mil apart
    • Sleeve uses standard 16 mil square posts for wire wrapping, 30 gauge wire recommended

    Power Source

    The Ultra FINN™ requires 5.0 volts DC. Current is typically 17 mA.

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    Ultra FINN™
    Ultra FINN™ with Sleeve

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    May be covered by one or more of U.S. Patents 10,094,877; 10,302,496; 6,490,037; 7,023,554; 7,227,639; and 7,265,822. Additional patents pending.

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