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    Ultra FINN™ with Sleeve


    Mega FINN™

    Take the guesswork out of testing LEDS with our most accurate and fastest sensor to date - the Mega FINN™.

    Mega FINN™ measures most LEDs in less than 3 milliseconds, automatically triggering when it detects an LED turn on and adjusting its sampling to quickly deliver an accurate measurement. The new firmware ensures that readings are less susceptible to errors caused by ambient light, eliminating the need for shrouding or blocking. In addition, its new algorithms solve issues that could cause erroneous sampling, thus reducing user implementation problems.

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    Benefits of the new Mega FINN™

    • Unparalleled speed - delivers most measurements in 3 milliseconds or less
    • Detects 2000 different hues between Blue (400nm) and Red (700nm)
    • Custom Sleeve with multiple press rings for ease of installation and vacuum seal
    • Eliminates most user implementation problems
    • Reduces ambient light errors

    FTE Webinar: Mega FINN
    Couldn’t make the live event?  If you missed the Mega FINN webinar on April 1st, below is a link to view the recorded session. Take the guesswork out of LED test with the most accurate, and fastest sensor yet – MEGA FINN. 

    Click here to view the recorded webinar session from April 1st:


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    Principle of Operation

    The Mega FINN™ combines the form factor of the Ultra FINN™ with a new operating program that allows for greater speed and stability, to accommodate the need for even faster LED sensor test measurements and additional types of light sources such as pulsing LEDs. The Mega FINN™ incorporates a Light-to-Frequency converter sensor with a microprocessor designed to take precise measurements from the color sensor. The Mega FINN™ calculates the color and intensity of the light being tested, converting it to an easy to read signal for comparing LEDs and other light sources.

    Method of Operation

    The small, slim packaging of the MegaFINN™ allows for easy installation directly in front or on top of the LED on a printed circuit board. During test, the light source (LED) is activated and the MegaFINN™ outputs a Frequency in kHz that quantifies the LED’s color. The same signal quantifies the brightness of the LED with its pulse-width (average DC voltage). The Mega FINN™ provides customers with the flexibility to test light sources using anything from simple stand alone meters to fully integrated and automated equipment.


    • High Accuracy of +/- .3% with an average resolution of 0.1nm throughout the visible spectrum
    • Super fast response time – typically less than 3ms for average to bright LEDs (dim or pulsing LEDs may require longer sampling times)
    • Works with any Pulse Width Modulation LED pulsing at 50Hz or greater. Worst response time for PWM LEDs is ~ 80ms
    • So fast it will output ON and OFF results when an LED is blinking slower than 30HZ
    • Shut off time to dark output is 16ms
    • Intelligent Triggering feature will start a fresh sample when an LED turn on is detected, giving this sensor the fastest response time possible.
    • Built in InfraRed filter to attenuate non-visible light
    • Built in Diffuser to assist with reading non-diffused LEDs


    • When test requirements call for the absolute fastest test time possible
    • When quality control demands reliable, unerring accuracy and when clear cut measurements are vital
    • For Pulsing, Bright to very Dim LEDs – visible light from Ultraviolet to near Infrared
    • Automated testing of LEDs for placement, color and brightness
    • Any Functional and In-circuit test environment, on any platform

    Product Dimensions

    Set Up

    • Still the same easy installation that allows for placement directly in front or on top of the LED on a printed circuit board
    • 3 pins - Output (signal), Ground and Power
    • Pins are spaced 70 mil apart
    • Sleeve uses 16 mil square posts for wire wrapping, 30 gauge wire is recommended

    Power Source

    5.0 volts DC. Current is typically 17mA.

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    Part Number
    MEGA FINN™ with Sleeve
    MEGA FINN™ Sensor

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