Product Spotlight: P-FINN Polarity Tester

P-FINN polarity testerFor identifying object presence, orientation, and color, you really can’t find much better than the P-FINN. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also very simple to use for a variety of applications. It comes with both the LED light source in red, blue, or green as well as the light sensor. Its easy mount and assembly make it an ideal model for the following applications:

  • Test environments where placement and orientation testing is needed
  • Quality control for in-line manufacturing
  • Polarized component or capacitator polarity tests
  • Placement testing on a PCB assembly that cannot be electrically verified

The P-FINN works well across several different industries including automotive, telecommunication, network solutions, and medical.

Benefits of the P-FINN

There are many benefits to using the P-FINN in the above applications, including the ability to test large aluminum electrolytic capacitors for proper orientation simply and easily, something that other testers on the market are incapable of performing properly. It can also complete placement and orientation tests with a single measurement.

To learn more about the P-FINN, download the product manual. It includes all of the information you will need to determine if the P-FINN is the right tool for your unique needs. We carry a full range of products and accessories for all of your testing requirements. Contact our team today for more information or to place your order.


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